Garden Consultation


If you want to design or improve your own garden space, learn more about plant health, or explore care for your indoor garden, these garden consultation services are for you!


We specialize in small and unique urban garden spaces. Any tiny corner, indoors or out, can be a lush garden space with the right setup and care. Whether you are looking to curate an herb, flower or vegetable garden, let’s create a plan to get you started.

We can provide guidance on:


  • Soil and site preparation
  • Disease and insect pests – identification and prevention
  • Choosing the right plant for your location
  • Light needs
  • Moisture and water needs
  • Maximizing small spaces with vertical growth
  • Planting timing and succession planting – how to plant for year round harvest
  • Medicinal herb gardens
  • Combination flower and vegetable gardens (just because you need to eat doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty!)
  • Ornamental landscape plantings
  • Identifying native plants for your garden
  • Attracting pollinators and beneficial insects
  • Indoor gardens
  • And more! Ask us and we will explore a solution together.


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