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Thank you for visiting my store! Here you will find products and services for health and wellness. And if you have a green thumb, or want to have one, this is the place to learn more!

Plant Based Products

Visit the shop for hand-crafted plant tinctures, oxymels, glycerites and more.

Mint extract in glass bottle and mint leaves in jars

Our plant based products are cultivated, curated and created in small batches

Products are made with fresh, chemical-free produce grown at the Building Upward gardens whenever possible. The goal is to plant and harvest enough to sustainably get to the next harvest. This keeps supplies fresh yet we may be limited as we follow nature’s cycles.

Check often as our inventory frequently changes!

Support Services

Garden Consultation

If you want to design your own garden space but don’t know where to start, garden consultation services are for you! We specialize in small and unique urban garden spaces. Any tiny corner, indoors or out, can be a lush garden space with the right setup and care. Whether you are looking to curate an herb, flower or vegetable garden, let’s create a plan to get you started.

Your mind has the powerful ability to create your reality. Where the mind goes, life follows. For support in cultivating a growth mindset or creating a caring approach for your body’s nutrition, explore our monthly coaching programs.

It is my honor and privilege to serve others with these products and services.

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