We offer coaching services to help you Gain knowledge, Learn to apply it and GROW to be your best self physically, mentally, and emotionally. We will even help you grow the food and herbs you need to support the necessary changes!


Mindset coaching is focused on goal setting, skill building, and leading others with a growth mindset. Our unique one-on-one virtual consultations are available in blocks of six 30-minute meetings.


Nutrition coaching is available virtually. We create a personalized plan to support you which is available by monthly subscription. Initial enrollment requires three month commitment and thereafter is available as month-to-month billing.


Garden consultations are available in 30-minute virtual sessions. You can schedule these individually on our calendar or let us know if you would like to arrange for a block of meetings for in-depth planning (available in bundles of 3 or more).


Sessions of 30 minute virtual Kundalini Reiki energy healingsĀ  are available.

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